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Guitarfreaks, part 1

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So this is what it´s all about: I´ve played guitar for so many years now and in many genres. Rock, Jazz, Classical, Gypsy Jazz, Pop, Heavy Metal, Punk, Latin & Shred. I graduated from one of the finest swedish music educations in 2009 and has since then continued to explore the guitar and new music. There´s some genres, like Scandinavian Folk and Country, which I really haven´t explored that much, and of course there´s tons of other stuff that I haven´t played yet, but I´m getting there. And that´s what this blog will be about - getting there. How to play, when to play, what gear to get, how to practice, recording and more. Hopefully this will be great!
 Here´s the poster from my graduation concert in 2008:
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