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Rehearsing, part 1: Five general rules

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Todays lesson is some valuable tips for great rehearsals:
1. Do your homework: This applies to all genre and to all instruments. You don´t hear the flutist in a great orchestra struggling with his/her parts, beacause the hard work has been made at home before rehearsing. And this should also be the rule for any guitarist - come to the rehearsal well prepared. Classical, Jazz or Rock, it doesn´t matter in which genre you play. Your bandmates doesn´t want to wait for you to practice that fill that you should´ve already nailed at home. They don´t want to answer stupid questions like "where in the song is the solo?", "what key are we playing in?" or "is this the right note?". And they don´t deserve to do this as well. They deserve to play with someone who´s committed to the music, who knows the parts and can contribute to the song. Do your homework, come prepared and enjoy playing!
2. Rehearsing is not a concert. This is the time where you should try out ideas, arrangements and weird shit. Don´t reject an idea before you´ve tried it. But also, pay in mind that you want the piece of music to be as good as possible. Sometimes the ideas that comes up can be cool, but do they serve the song well? All ideas are worth a try, but not all ideas are worth keeping. To let go of one of your ideas might be hard, but before you argue too much, think once more "do this serve the song?". Don´t forget, killing your darlings are almost always the best in the long run.
3. Take a break. Don't rehearse too long. Your brain, and your ears, will get tired. Take a break and get back to it later. Don´t do marathon-sessions and later think "wow, I don´t want to play any more". Stop while it´s still fun to play.
4. Get there on time. No-one wants to wait for a guitarist that´s always late. Or a drummer, or a violinist, or a singer, for that sake.
5. And the last tips for this time - Pay respect to your bandmates. Treat them as you would want to be treated. Many of the tips above deals with respect: Don´t be late, listen to each other, be well prepared and put the music you make on a higher piedestal than that two and a half minute long solo which doesn´t fit in at all. Treat your fellow musicians the way that you want to be treated by them. Don´t act like a cliched rockstar that only cares about his/her image. Be a real star by doing your best to contributing to the music and by paying respect to your colleagues.